Club Substance

CHILL ZONE Curated by Laure Jaffuel

Het Weekend Event at De School, Amsterdam
2019 Club Substance is a new performance work by Natalia Jordanova and Walter Gotsch. It functions as an orchestra of a soundscape, spoken narrative, bodies, objects and light. 

We use the space of De School as a territory to enact an imagined fiction – a variable of a stateless society where movement becomes a tool. Agents are executing a framed non-choreographed actions to map out an alternative possibility to inhabit a place, actualise oneself and ultimately, relate to others through a social dance and under the gaze of the other(s). 

Entropy transforms through synchron into self-reinforced velocity. 

Constantin Dichtl 
Eloy Cruz del Prado 
Julius Frodermann
Lijuan Klassen 
Mariana Jurado Rico 
Thorben Konstantin