The installation in the exhibition is an enclosed space and deals with human-animal relations. It consists of multiple elements. None of them refers to a particular location. The organic is presented by the natural rubber and a piece of grass and soil. It’s suggested by the shapes that processed materials define. Naturally, the visual properties are changing – slow enough, not to be noticed. Like skin, it is essential, as carrier and cover. Steel and copper signify the excess and accessibility to raw materials. Figuration is reduced to physical anatomical structures and the human is present through the trace of activity.
The title refers to the way we articulate our encounter with nature. It’s often perceived as the world of the living things outdoors and implies distance and separation. Instead of a place that manifest the species extinct and their detachment, The Nature we Go to turns outwards the idea of dematerialization. It opposes the correlative meaning and function of the materials and supposes subjective experience.

KABK, The Hague